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Looking for an unforgettable celebration with your friends?

In the HypergateVR center, the birthday is shifted into another dimension.

Experiencing something together before the meal and the celebration is probably common at almost every birthday party by now. 

The difficulty is to top the last years.

After Escape Rooms, Lasertag, Go-Kart etc have been visited several times, it's time for something new!



Virtual Reality - your bachelor party should still be mentioned years later with a smile on all of your faces.

The perfect bachelor party poses various challenges;

- What activities do we plan?

- Where are we going to eat?

- Where are we going to celebrate?

With a visit to our center you can at least make the activities unforgettable. There will be the right adventure for every participant thanks to our wide offer



Looking for an unforgettable adventure for your next team event?

Team events are a staple in most corporate cultures, and the reasons are obvious:

- Higher satisfaction means higher productivity
- Stronger employee loyalty 

- Better teamwork through team events 

- Better communication

Our extensive range of events offers both cooperative and competitive adventures (unarmed as well as shooter) and thus offers the right solution for participants of all genders and ages.

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