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The Largest North American Arena and
Ultimate Virtual Reality Experie
Awarded the #1 Amusement Center in Santa Monica.

Best of Award Hypergatvr
Press Hypergatevr
Press Hypergatevr
Hypergatevr Games

2-6 Players
Age: 10+

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Showdown, the ultimate competitive PvP shooter!


Step into the arena, where you'll be divided into two rival squads in an abandoned military warehouse that will test your skills.

Diamond Skull

2-5 Players
Age: 10+

Embark on a thrilling adventure with up to five players as you venture into the depths of a long-lost temple in search of the legendary Diamond Skull.

As you delve deeper into the temple's mysterious chambers, you and your team will encounter a series of formidable challenges that will test your courage.


2-5 Players
Age: 13+


Within the confines of a  research facility, a catastrophic incident has unfolded. An experimental virus has broken loose, transforming its subjects into deadly zombies.


Your mission is clear: Infiltrate the bunker's depths and secure the crucial data from the Patient Zero laboratory.


3-6 Players
Age: 10+

Dive into the mystical world of long-lost Mayan legends, where truth and myth collide...


Your elite team embarks on a mission of utmost urgency – to thwart the awakening of ancient evil beneath the foreboding blood moon's shadow.


The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Can you stop the darkness from rising? 

The Lost City

3-5 Players
Age: 10+

For months, military forces have been planning a major combat operation to reclaim the city from the undead.

The mission fails and now your team must fight its way out through the zombie hordes. Headquarters, call sign “Godfather,” will instruct you on how to make it out alive.

Urban Assault

2-6 Players
Age: 10+

Immerse yourself in a high-stakes PvP battle amidst the rooftops of a vibrant Middle Eatern city as the sun sets.

Teamwork and precision are paramount as you work alongside your teammates to defeat the enemy snipers and secure the victory.


700 sq. ft.


Our cozy lounge offers casual seating and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for your refreshment.

2,500 sq. ft.


The largest North American arena in US!


The two titles "Tikal" & "Showdown" take full advantage of the entire arena and offer the ultimate free-roam experience.

6 Players


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and sensors up to 6 players are tracked as full-body avatars. Every movement of your body is reproduced in the virtual world!



The largest North American arena and ultimate VR experience. 


Full-body motion tracking, amazing 4D-effects

and 25 minutes

of intensive and highly interactive gameplay on the largest

arena playground.

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