2-5 Players
Age: 10+

Explore the temple of a long-lost civilization with up to five players to find the legendary “Diamond Skull” artifact. While exploring the temple, you and your team will have to overcome multiple challenges. 

Take care—the temple complex is unstable and various traps are lurking within its ancient walls. 



3-8 Players
Age: 10+

The lores of the long-forgotten Mayan legends prove to be true...


You and your team are dispatched to stop the awakening of evil in the shadow of the blood moon.


2-6 Players
Age: 10+

Showdown is a competitive PvP shooter that is sure to get your heart pumping!


You are split into two opposing teams and will be locked into an abandoned military warehouse.


The battle between the two teams will take place across three levels with different map layouts that keep the environment challenging.

2-5 Players
Age: 13+


Coming soon label.png

2-5 Players
Age: 13+


"Patient Zero Escape" is the sequel to "Patient Zero".

After successfully rescuing the data, your team now has to evacuate from the bunker system.

The ammunition is almost used up, your troops are exhausted and the zombies are only in top form.


Can you escape?


Coming soon... 


3-5 Players
Age: 13+

For months, military forces have been planning a major combat operation to reclaim the city from the undead.


The mission fails and now your team must fight its way out through the zombie hordes. Headquarters, call sign “Godfather,” will instruct you on how to make it out alive.


It came as it had to come!

An incident has occurred in a secret research laboratory for biological warfare agents. An experimental virus was released and turned all subjects into zombie-like beings.

Despite immediate measures, the virus managed to get out of the bunker. While other teams try to stop the undead in the area, your task is to break into the bunker and rescue the data of "Patient Zero". 

Patient Zero is ideal for shooter and action fans, zombie lovers and team events.


700 sq. ft.


Our cozy lounge offers casual seating and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for your refreshment.

2,500 sq. ft.


The largest North American arena in US!


The two titles "Tikal" & "Showdown" take full advantage of the entire arena and offer the ultimate free-roam experience.

8 Players


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and sensors up to 8 players are tracked as full-body avatars. Every movement of your body is reproduced in the virtual world!




The largest North American arena and ultimate VR experience. 


Full-body motion tracking, amazing 4D-effects and 20 minutes of intensive and highly interactive gameplay on the largest arena playground.